You’re Invited: Oscar Night Bash

Oscar night is a big deal in Phoebe’s family, and last year, Cara joined her and the Lapine clan for an intimate Oscar night meal. Whether you’re having over two people or twenty for the red carpet stargazing, the menu below will make sure everyone enjoys the food as much as they will the eye candy. Make sure you have people submit their ballots before the viewing begins, and perhaps have a box of baklava on hand for the winner.

**The Details**

What: Oscar Night Betting Bash

For: Ten movie buffs.

When: Sunday evening of the Oscars.

What to Eat: Up the ante on the food a little–this is Hollywood, after all. Make a point of giving slightly cheesy, nominated movie-themed names to every last menu item.  Here’s our favorite menu: Start with Red Carpet Avocado and Radish Crostini, then follow with Sweet and Savory Starlette Chicken Stew and classic Couscous. For dessert, “Golden Statues” i.e. Yellow Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Frosting!

What to Drink: Elderflower Fizz. It’s got champagne in it. Enough said.

How to Set the Scene: Put out anything fancy you own, preferably golden things that slightly resemble an Academy statuette. Print out ballots so guests can vote on the movies they think will win. If you’ve got a favorite, feel free to make your apartment look like a scene from that flick.

Attire: Red carpet worthy. So fun to get decked out for (almost) no reason!

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Originally posted on Sunday, February 20th, 2011

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