Stocking Your Dorm Room Fridge

Sometimes you wish it was bigger and sometimes you wish it was smaller. Filling your dorm room fridge to avoid the stench of rotting food, create the ability to grab a snack, or contain the ingredients for a three-course meal is possible. The key is organization and finding food that lasts long term. To keep food fresh longer, your fridge should be one setting below the point at which your food starts to freeze.

1. Liquids. In times of thirst, we’ll drink what’s closest and what’s coldest. Therefore, stocking your fridge with drinks ahead of time is always a good idea. Some suggestions: a few water bottles, a few bottles of Honest Teas (a great tastier and healthier alternative to Nestea), a small container of juice and a small carton of milk (for cereal, coffee, tea, hot cocoa or mac and cheese). Stack your bottles up on shelves located on the door of your fridge to save space.

2. Dairy. Stick to yogurt and milk unless you really do make omelets with shredded cheese in your room. Yogurt is a great healthy snack and lasts for awhile. Milk is always useful (remember to throw it away as soon as it expires). If you’re going to buy cheese for long-term snacking purposes make sure it does not smell too strong. They call it smelly cheese for a reason and in a dorm room, smells amplify quickly. You best best may be string cheese or individually wrapped cheddar cheese squares; both can be used to cook or simply to snack on. Only buy eggs if you’ll really use ‘em. Cautionary warning: a dozen eggs is a big undertaking for one person to consume in a few weeks.

3. Fruits and Veggies. Buy what you can eat before it goes bad. Berries go rotten quickly; lettuce goes rotten quickly…anything squishy goes rotten quickly. Instead, stick with harder fruits and veggies. Apples, oranges, pears, mini-carrots, and celery all last a while and are a quick and healthy snack.

4. Leftover food. Keep for one or two days and then be sure to throw away. I almost never end up eating take-away food the next day and it isn’t safe to keep it for much longer.

5. Freezer Compartment. Best for- Ice cream, booze, and frozen grapes. Fro Yo or ice cream is always good for a late night snack. Frozen cool whip is great with cut up pieces of chocolate bars and tastes a lot like ice cream. Cold alcohol, enough said. And lastly, if you really want grapes but are unsure of whether or not you’re going to finish a whole bag, split the bag in half and put some grapes in the freezer. They’re great frozen snacks…tasty and healthy.

Originally posted on Friday, February 4th, 2011

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    April 18th, 2011

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