The 5 Best College Party Themes

After four years of college parties, certain themes are getting old. My neon spandex (for the annual 80’s party) are on their last leg and my tennis skirt is ruined from the most recent “Golf Pros and Tennis Hos” event. And, if you need a tutorial on how to make a cute toga out of a white sheet (no safety pins needed!), just let me know – I’ve done it enough times.

Here are some awesome, irresistible ideas that go beyond the standard themes:

1. Letter Party. Choose a letter and have your guests come dressed in a costume that starts with that letter. A friend of mine recently threw a “B for Birthday Party” and attendees came as Bruce Springsteen, Buddy Holly, Betty Draper, Bowie, a butterfly, a bum, a bad hair day, a baby, a bio-chem major, and Bieber fever (yes, they do make Justin Bieber bathrobes). Naturally, beer was served.

2. Not Your Typical Holiday Party. For this party you will need the cooperation of a dorm, a frat/sorority house, a floor or what have you. Each room represents a different holiday and serves a matching drink. Be creative – Bastille Day (red wine), St. Patrick’s Day (beer), Christmas (egg nog), Halloween (Skittles infused vodka), Cinco de Mayo (margaritas), or New Years (champagne). Serve small drinks or this could get messy!

3. Rubik’s Cube Party. Instruct invitees to come wearing different colored items of clothing (red pants, blue shirt, green sweater, etc…). Everyone must swap clothes in order to leave with only one color by the end of the party.

4. “When I grow up…” Party. Have your guests dress as their dream profession, whether it’s realistic or not. Alternatively, you could have guests come as what they don’t want to be.

5. Beer Olympics. Organize attendees into pairs or quads before the party and assign each pair a country. Instruct the pairs to coordinate a costume corresponding to their country. At the party the pairs will compete in a series of competitions for gold, silver, bronze medals. Set up a Round Robin chart with beer pong, quarters, flip cup, civil war, etc…

Katharine spent her junior year indulging in delicious food (and doing a little studying) in Lyon, France and Bologna, Italy. Back home, she loves cooking Ina’s Perfect Roast Chicken.

Originally posted on Friday, February 11th, 2011

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