The 10 Best Drinks for Every College Occasion

So you recently turned twenty-one, and you’re out to dinner with your parents. The waiter asks you what you want to drink and you freeze—you don’t want to order a drink that makes you sound like an alcohol connoisseur (after all you have only been drinking for a few weeks, right?), but you don’t want to lose the opportunity to have a delicious beverage on your parents. So what do you order? Below are a few drink suggestions, whether you are drinking like a grown-up—aka attempting to remain classy, or ordering a pitcher at the local bar that admits underage college students. Cheers!

1. For Beer Pong: Caguama Light. Cheap, 4.6% ABV so you can play more than three games without feeling sick, and goes down almost as well as Corona or Dos Equis. Now you just have to decide on the house rules

2. When You’re Out With Your Parents: Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon.  From Alexander Valley, this wine is full bodied and refined, easy to like, expensive (but this one is on them), and it complements the steak dinner that you are about to eat

3. At a Business Dinner: Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. From Marlborough, NZ, this wine is crisp and with a refreshing mix of pineapple and grapefruit flavors, classy, and easy to find on numerous menus. Warning: avoid drinking too many glasses in front of your boss

4. Pub Crawl With a Beer Connoisseur: Delirium Tremens. With 8.5% ABV this Belgium Strong Ale is worth laying down the extra cash for. But it is not the high alcohol content that makes this beer stupendous. It’s that the beer is just remarkably drinkable—it has citrus, banana and honey flavors. While you might not impress your friend with the beer’s obscurity, no one can deny that this is an enjoyable brew.

5. Night in the Dorm: Shiner Bock is the best for keeping in your dorm fridge always. Sweet and less bitter than most microbrews, this American bock is also very drinkable and perfect for drinking when mingling with friends or eating the fajitas you just made

6. At the Club: Mojitio. You are at a club, want to get a chic drink, but don’t want to break your budget? A Mojito is exactly what you need—most clubs put their own twist on this Cuban cocktail that includes white rum and mint leaves. This drink is refreshing, fun, and will make you put your hands up! Because the club can’t even handle you right now (yeahhhhh).

7. To Serve at Your Next Party: Miller Lite High Life. You are working with a limited budget but don’t want to throw another party where the only option is Busch Lite. The best kept secret: Miller Lite High Life Cubes. Your friends will be impressed that you’re serving something better than Natty Lite or Busch Lite and (in the rare case that everyone doesn’t finish the beer) you will have a surprisingly full-bodied beer to drink off tomorrow’s hangover with. Tip: Keep it to yourself that a cube of Miller Light High Life is the same price as Natty Light.

8. For a Pre-Game: Bacardi Light Rum. This Rum has three major pros: easy to mix with anything on hand, relatively cheap, and unlikely to make you puke. Let the evening begin.

9. On a first date: Whisky Ginger. Your date suggests meeting up at a bar to grab a drink before dinner and when the waitress approaches he looks at you to order first. You are not a huge beer drinker and don’t want to be uber-traditional by ordering a glass of wine. A Whiskey Ginger, which includes (surprise!) both Whisky and Ginger Ale, will impress your date (how many women drink whisky?) and taste delicious.

10. At a Concert: Schlitz. Did you arrive at the concert early? Don’t know what to do between the 45 minute set changes? Known as “the beer that made Milwaukee famous,” not only will you show off your knowledge of beer history, but you will also be sipping on a smooth American lager with a great aftertaste.

Originally posted on Thursday, February 24th, 2011

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