A Dining Hall Date? Why not!

Remember...this is what you could end up sitting by

I’m a girl of whimsy and fantasy, and one reoccurring fantasy has been one of me being proposed to with waffles. I did a summer program at Yale once, and was required to eat in their majestic dining palace. They had this waffle station where you made your own waffles, and the waffle iron was constructed so that your waffle would have a huge “Y” insignia in the middle of it.  Essentially I was impressed by a huge waffle stamp at the age of 19.

As a 23 year-old, I still find it cool, but what would be even more awesome would be if the cafeteria had a full set of alphabet waffle irons. That way my tall, tan, and cultured French boyfriend from St. Tropez–who happens to be a billionaire working for Doctors without Borders–could have the chance to propose to me with waffles. One sleepy morning, I wake up and stumble into the dining hall. I look disheveled but I have the glow of a decent night’s sleep with just the right touch of concealer. I also happen to be wearing a tastefully appropriate night gown with built in Spanx. One by one all the people that I secretly hate, would walk up to me and hand me a plate with a single waffle letter on it.  I start to tear up as I notice the words forming in front of me.  Spelled out in 14 waffles is “will you marry me.” A bouquet of flowers is set by me with a card from my boyfriend. I read the card, tear up, and then request some syrup. I then spend the next 30 minutes enjoying the stack of waffles as I consider the idea.

This would be the perfect dining hall experience.

In reality, this would never happen.

That type of boy does not exist, plus I certainly couldn’t eat 14 waffles in one sitting (maybe 10.5).  This fairy tale is mainly here to serve as an example for the possibilities that await “You and Your Dining Hall: The Under-Used and Unappreciated Romance Center.”

Boys and girls, heed my warning, select a date night when you know your dining hall is serving your love interest’s favorite food; because if you choose any ol’ night the date might seem sort of sloppy.  You’re already choosing not to take him/her out to some place with ambiance so you should at least make sure the food in the cafeteria is going to be their favorite.

Twenty minutes before dinner, pay off some of your friends to go kidnap your date. Have them bust into his/her room (this works best if your date is a small petite girl, someone who maybe can’t put up a real decent fight), blindfold him/her, and then stuff the surprised student into a sleeping bag to be carried into the cafeteria.  Pre-arrange two plates of his/her favorite foods, and–if your dining hall allows it–a nice boxed wine would be good to settle everyone’s nerves.  Maybe invest in a table runner or something to hide the fact that your school has really gross tables and invest in a small vase of flowers or maybe a few candles.  Once your date is there, allow him/her to crawl out of their sleeping bag-still blindfolded-and help them into their chair.  As your date takes off the blindfold, smear whipped cream on your face that way they’ll be confused and can’t be all that mad at you, you spontaneous goof. (You don’t have to do the whipped cream smearing.)

Maybe this isn’t the date experience you are looking for, but aren’t dining hall dates a little cheesy? I would think the whole purpose of going on a date would be to break away from everyday life with someone you can stand.

However, when I asked various girls around campus what they thought, they all agreed that a spontaneous date in the cafeteria would be cute.  So if you decide to make a lil reservation card for your cafeteria table, and then decorate it to look above average, well, then, cool. My sister even mentioned that at her school boys would drive up to the dorm hall and even pick the girl up to take her over to the cafeteria. Regardless of how ridiculous you want to go, perhaps it’s not so much about “where,” as it is about the “how”. In the end I think what really matters is that the other person you are interested in knows that you care enough to put time into making them happy.

Kara goes to school at UT Austin, where she’s known for her comedic digital shorts, for saving a litter of kittens in a Mexico border-town, and for her mad cupcake baking skills.

Originally posted on Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

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  1. Cara

    March 25th, 2011

    Hilarious! Clearly you should send any boys you date to read this post as a prerequisite.

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