The 5 Best Creative College Food & Drink Combos

There is no need for college students to get caught up in “proper” or “appropriate” food and drink pairings. We have the rest of our lives to figure out what goes best with Beaujolais. Nonetheless, it is nice to have a few creative and fun drink and dinner ideas for weekend nights that taste great and are easy to prepare. Here are just a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

1. Frozen Fruit Mojitos and Turkey Burgers. This is a great summer night dinner combination. It combines both savory and refreshingly sweet flavors. I prefer turkey burgers to regular beef burgers because they’re lighter and tastier.

2. White Wine and Chinese Food. A great fall and winter Friday and Saturday night meal. Order in Chinese food, (some of my favorites are scallion pancakes, egg rolls, orange chicken, garlic broccoli and fried rice). The best white wine with Chinese food is Hey Mambo. “A refreshing blend of jaw-dropping class, the Hey Mambo Swanky White is unquestionably a sumptuous delight.” This white wine washes down the greasiness of ordered-in Chinese food and leaves you feeling full, refreshed and happy.

2. Corona with Lime and Chicken Mcnuggets. One of many ways to make McDonald’s an acceptable meal. This food and drink pair combines the crisp and refreshing taste of Corona with tangy lime, salty fried Chicken McNuggets and, unarguably the best fries around. Both “preparation” and consumption are easy and enjoyable. Open your box of McNuggets, stick a wedge of your lime in your Corona and enjoy!

3. Dark & Stormys and Roasted Chicken. I discovered Dark & Stormys this past summer and they instantly became my favorite drink. Spicy, light, refreshing–basically all-around delicious. For whatever reason, I love them with chicken–even “take-out” chicken breasts from the dining hall, or really any variety except fried.

4. Bloody Marys and Salads I have always been a big consumer of salads but since I began college I realized how easy it is to make any type of salad into an easy, nutritious and delicious meal. And sometimes, when my salad-meal does not fall before a long night of work, it may accompany a yummy drink. I suggest a Bloody Mary which are actually very easy to prepare (mixes are also readily available). The best types of salads to enjoy alongside are spinach with slices of green apple, a few walnuts, any type of cheese, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Alternatively, a chicken Caesar salad is a tasty alternative to a spinach salad, but beware of garlic and spice overload.

5. Spiced Milk and Popcorn. And last but not least, I suggest a cozy dessert pairing of spiced milk and popcorn perfect to warm up on a cold winter evening. Pop some popcorn in the microwave or conjure up a bag of caramel or kettle corn if so desired. Then pour yourself a mug full of milk with a teaspoon of cinnamon and nutmeg (a good spice mix to invest in for a college dorm room is apple pie spice because it combines all major fall spices into one shaker) and add a generous squirt of honey. Mix up your concoction, stick it in the microwave for a minute or two and voila! Prêt à manger (Ready to eat).

Originally posted on Monday, March 7th, 2011

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