The 5 Best Ways to Prevent a St. Patty’s Day Blackout

Remember St. Patrick’s Day last year? No? You’ve heard stories and there is a picture of you taking a shot from a little person dressed as a leprechaun floating around Facebook.

You are determined to make this year different. Follow these tips to ensure a fun filled day…a day that you’ll remember.

1. Stick with beer plus one kind of liquor. In true Irish tradition, you are determined to have a few pints of Guinness. A pint of Guinness leads to an Irish car bomb, which leads to a Jagerbomb, and all of a sudden you’re taking shots of Jack. See how rapidly things can go downhill? For a blackout-free night, go for beer and pick one type of liquor, and don’t drink every random shot your friend hands you.

2. Get a good night of sleep before you go out. If you’re tired you’ll be more likely to black out.

3. Eat before you start drinking. (But don’t use food as an excuse to drink more.) Just because you eat a huge meal of corned beef and cabbage before you begin your drinking binge does not mean that you can take twice as many shots as you normally would.

4. Have a plan before you go out. Limit yourself to five drinks throughout the day or one drink per bar. Don’t take 6 shots at the pre-game so you don’t have to spend money at the bars. You want to make it to the bars, right?

5. Don’t drink if you are taking meds. I’m sure you know this, but Nyquil plus a few shots is asking for a blackout. Be careful!

Originally posted on Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

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