Friday Recipe Round-up: Risotto Redux, Easy Breakfasts, & National Grilled Cheese Month!

Every week we’ll round up some of the best recipes, food writing, cooking tips and drinking tricks that every college student should know about. Here’s what’s cooking in virtual kitchens, around the web, this week.

–Melissa Tovin, Small Kitchen College Contributor


We think having an easy delicious breakfast is the best way to start your day and 80 breakfasts definitely has the right idea with this simply delicious mango. Why mess with something that’s already so yummy?

Dorie Greenspan is right, Pasta Risotto is an odd name for a great dish but this risotto-ish bowl of comfort food makes easier, and more college-friendly, alternative to either pasta or rice.

Get a little intimidated in the kitchen? If you’re aching to get more wild, check out this fish roe experiment from Adventures in College Apartment Cooking for a little bit of adventurous inspiration.

Looking for a little extra cash to spend on food? Enter this Breakstone’s sweepstakes.

Thanks to Columbia Culinary Society for reminding us to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month with one of our favorite classics. (Don’t forget to check out Cara’s best George Foreman version!)

Ramen of the week: use the leftover ramen noodles in this fun frittata recipe from 30 bucks a week.

Originally posted on Friday, April 8th, 2011

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