In Season: Scallions

Scallions are part of the onion family, and can often be used interchangeably with green onions, which are slightly larger stature and more mature. The thin white base can be nearly as pungent as onions when eaten raw, and can even make you cry while chopping. The long green stalks, however, are much milder in flavor, and can be used as garnish like any herb, especially like-bodied chives.

**All About Scallions**

In Season: Scallions

When to Buy: Spring and summer are best for scallions. You’ll usually see them coming to a farm stand near you beginning in late March, and remaining through the middle of August. You can usually find scallions in the grocery store year round, but for the beautiful, local varieties, make sure to get some good green onion meals in during April.

What to Buy: Choose scallions that are crisp and brightly colored.

Prep & Storage: Like most green herbs, it’s best to wash scallions when you get home from the market and let them dry thoroughly.¬†Wrap your scallions in a paper towel and store in a Ziplock in your crisper drawer, or place upright in a glass with enough water to cover their roots and stand in the fridgeWhen cleaning them, make sure you get all the grit and grime from underneath each layer, as scallions are surprisingly a carrier or salmonella..

How to Cook: I first fell in love with scallions in Thai cooking, where they are a central aromatic. If sauteing, the white parts often get cooked down earlier in the process, like an onion would, while the green parts are added later like a fresh herb. They can be used raw in dips or sauces to get a milder, sweeter, onion-y taste. They even taste great grilled!

Recipe Box: Check out our favorite scallion recipes!

Soba Noodles with Scallions and Ginger Chicken Meatballs
Here, scallions flavor both the meatballs and the savory broth.

Caper-Scallion Mayo
For mayo lovers! A twist of fresh scallions and pungent capers spices up this condiment.

Asian Salmon Burgers with Grilled Scallions
Burgers without red meat? These salmon patties carry their scallions well.

Warm Blue Potato and Green Onion Salad
If you’re not a mayo lover (see above), you’ll find this is a potato salad you can wrap your head around.

Zucchini-Scallion Cakes
Since zucchini’s such a mild veggie, we use scallions to counterbalance its flavor without overwhelming it.

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Originally posted on Monday, April 4th, 2011

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