This Week at College: Earth Day Living and Eating Well

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-Rebecca McGoldrick, Small Kitchen College Contributor


If you need a little organization facelift before finals check out The 10 Sites That Will Get You an A in School on CollegeCandy.

Transportation sharing systems are taking off With Zipcar’s Big IPO, Car-Sharing Gains Attention and even more eco-friendly, Boston Set to Launch Bike-Share Program, both great ways to get around your college town!

Soak up the healthy with this cleaner approach to eating in Fame Bites by Sheryl Crow.

Chocoholics Beware! Prices are Rising–watch this video and find out why. Those who are using our little chocolate guide might have to rethink things!

Finally, don’t let your roommate keep you from living well. Here’s are some tips from Dormify for keeping your closets (and your roommate’s closets) clutter free.

Originally posted on Friday, April 22nd, 2011

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