This Week at College: Professor James Franco, When Will it End?

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Here’s what’s been happening on and off campus this week. And yes, it involves James Franco.

–The Small Kitchen College Team

**This Week at College**

Wine can get expensive when eating out at a restaurant (perhaps because it comes in a bottle, not a box). If you’re trying to class it up a notch at your next meal out on the town, check out BGSK Contributor Caroline Helper’s tips on How to Navigate a Wine List on Pretty Young Professional this week. gives a shout out to students at Tufts inĀ Majoring in Good Eating Habits. We hope they’ll share some of their future communal (veg) meals with us!

This week on James Franco Takes College: performance art. Is he a genius? An idiot? Or the best piece of eye candy to ever happen to your campus (all 8 of them). Weigh in on Huffington Post College. And see how students feel about him becoming a professor on NYU Local.

Hate getting charges for damaging your dorm room simply from hanging a picture frame? Here are 4 ways to spruce up your space that your landlord (or res life officials) will approve of, thanks to College Fashion.

There’s a new facebook in town, and it’s in the form of University of Chicago’s See the full rundown on College News. According to the Chicago Tribune, Brown University is being added to the site next week.

Originally posted on Friday, April 1st, 2011

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