Friday Recipe Round-up: A Healthy Start to Summer!

Every week we’ll round up some of the best recipes, food writing, cooking tips and drinking tricks that every college student should know about. Here’s what’s cooking in virtual kitchens, around the web, this week.

You probably haven’t realized it because you’ve been too busy cramming for tests, but we are almost half way through the month of May! This means beautiful weather, sunshine, picnics and… bikinis. So this week we’ve rounded up some warm weather and bikini-friendly recipes for you to try before you leave campus for summer vacation!

-Melissa Tovin, Small Kitchen College Contributor


Soup may seem out of season but this simple tomato and garbanzo bean soup from college candy is the perfect transition from finals comfort food to a healthy summer meal.

Coconut is good for more than just pina coladas…like this tasty, healthy spiced coconut spinach!

If you have a sweet tooth, try making a granita–it’s a simple, easy and healthier version of ice cream!

Want to bring some new flavors into your parents’ kitchen when you head home for the summer? Try these tips from cheap, healthy, good.

If you want to get a little more creative with old classics try this summer slaw from David Lebovitz.

Finally, fresh fruit is the best part of summer food, and here are some suggestions from BGSK on how to serve it!

Originally posted on Friday, May 13th, 2011

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