The 5 Things To Do With Friends Before You Graduate

The last few weeks of every semester is a whirlwind. Weeks are spent in the library basement consuming copious amounts of caffeine and stale bagels, sporting leggings and sweatshirts, and attempting to cram an abnormally large amount of information into your fatigued brain. When you finally emerge from finals, you come face to face with the realization that in a matter of weeks the people you have surrounded yourself with all year will disperse on their various ten week (or lifelong) adventures around the globe. Carpe diem could never be more appropriate. So with that in mind, here is a guide to five fun activities to do with your friends before the year ends–whether you’re leaving for the summer, or graduating for good.

1. Movie night. Order pizza, make Pillsbury cookies, and bring other finger foods and drinks, and pop in an upbeat comedy or chick flick. I can recommend No Strings Attached – which is somewhat less of a stereotypical chick flick than one might expect.

2. Treat yourself. You finally have time to think about what you want to eat free of the pressure of deadlines. After my last final, I was summoned by one of my friends to a snuggery called the Duck and Bunny close to Brown University’s campus. We chatted while sipping on coconut truffle tea (highly recommended) and munching on mini red velvet cupcakes and toast with fig jam, brie and walnuts. There is no better time for sweet treats with friends.

3. Go to the water. I recommend packing a picnic, and heading to the beach. A few weeks ago I drove through Roger Williams Park in Providence, RI. Equipped with a zoo, scattered small cottages, lots of grassy open space, and a pond with swan peddle boats, it was the perfect campus getaway. Grab a bunch of friends and a bottle of rosé, and take advantage of the sunny weather.

4. Rage. This is probably the simplest way to approach the final few weeks of school: go have fun and party with your friends. With great weather and zero finals looming over your head, there’s no excuse not to go and have fun! Consequently, it’s the last few days at school, and whatever happens has the summer to either percolate or completely fade away. For a getting-ready-for-summertime drink (of which I have, on occasion, had a few too many) try combining lemon rum with sprite (or coke), ice and lemon. Works every time.

5. Bucket list. Make sure you accomplish a good portion of your college’s Things To Do Before you Graduate list. You can find Brown’s here. I’m leaving some of these for my senior year, but if time permits I will undoubtedly accompany some of my graduating friends–can’t hurt to get a head start, right? [Editor's Note: During senior year, my roommates and I made a list of our own, and it provided some great stand-in activities for otherwise dreary weekday nights.]

Zoe is a junior at Brown University where she studies Biology and Literary Arts. She’s an avid runner, cupcake consumer, Grey’s Anatomy viewer and lab geek.

Originally posted on Monday, May 23rd, 2011

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