From College, To Dad: Father’s Day Gift Guide

My Dad is what you might call an “adventurous” chef. He loves to experiment with cooking techniques, try exotic foods, and test bizarre flavor combos. His culinary thrill-seeking has led to some noteworthy family meals. There was the Thanksgiving when Dad deep-fried [read: torched] a whole turkey, followed by his foray into Scandinavian cuisine [pickled herring, anyone?]. This past winter, he developed a fixation for braised meat. The piece de résistance, though, was Dad’s Super Bowl 2009 creation, a heart-stopper, otherwise known as the Bacon Explosion.

This kind of mad scientist mentality has also translated into a library of cookbooks and a kitchen filled with random single-function cooking gadgets. At this point my parents’ kitchen could be a Williams & Sonoma annex. However, this has not stopped me or anyone else in my family from continuing to feed his curiosity—probably because we want to see what wacky thing he’ll come up with next. Below are some of this year’s contenders. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find one that your Dad will love too!

Golf meets Grill
Two of Dad’s worlds collide in this gift: golf and grill. This is a set of essential barbeque tools shaped like golf clubs. How could he not like it?

A New Twist on an Old Favorite
How many times have you given your Dad a tie as a gift? If you don’t want to stray from old faithful, then get him this tie. It is that rare item in the clothing world—fashionable and functional!

Bacon Hot Sauce
If the Bacon Explosion anecdote wasn’t enough of a clue, my Dad loves bacon. If your Dad is anything like mine he’ll be blown away by this bacon hot sauce.

Reuse, Recycle, Plant?
Help Dad recycle those empty wine or liquor bottles. With these stakes, he can turn them into torches at his next barbeque.

Seven Fires
Introduce Dad to extreme grilling. With this cookbook he can learn how to grill an entire cow and roast vegetables by burying them in embers. Cooking doesn’t get any manlier than this!

Beer Me
The gift that keeps on giving – a home beer brewing kit. No home should be without one.

Cookies that Fight Back
If you consider cookie cutters an unlikely Father’s Day gift, check out these ninjas. In true ninja style, any cookie will be sure to disappear as quickly as they came.

Burger Bar
Help Dad think outside the same-old burger box. With this cookbook he’ll be able to take his usual burgers to the next level.

Emily is a recent grad of Colgate University, where she studied International Relations and Art History and volunteered at the Friendship Inn and with the Colgate Hunger Outreach Program. She loves to bake cookies.

Originally posted on Friday, June 17th, 2011

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