Fun Drinking Game Round-Up

If you’re in college, even if you’re a freshman, by now you must know about, have participated in, or wish you hadn’t participated in at least one drinking game. There’s the classic “truth or drink” variation on truth or dare; “King’s Cup”; “Flip Cup”;  “Beer Pong”;  and countless others that involve pitchers, cards, or ping pong balls.  Here a few games you may not have tried.

**Drinking Games for the Bar**

Sure, for the most part you go out in order to meet people or explore new places, but sometimes things can get boring out there, so here are a few games to try if you ever find yourself in such a position.

Players: Three people (Or you can tailor it for 2 or 4.)
Cost: Three dice and, should you lose, the price of the drinks.

Each player rolls her own die.  The person with the highest roll names the drink. The person with the second highest roll has to drink it, and the person with the lowest roll has to pay for it.  The remaining two players who did not have a drink roll again. The person with the highest roll selects her own drink, and the lowest roll has to pay for it. That person then has to buy her own drink-although at least she gets to pick what that will be. Repeat. It’s a fun game of chance, and usually everyone ends up buying someone else a drink.  If you have four people, make the two lowest scores split the cost of the first drink and then play it out from there. If it’s only you and one other, then roll your dice and whoever has the highest doesn’t pay but the person buying gets to pick the drink.

Fake Bachelorette Party.
Players: However many girls you are. Usually 5 is the max.
Cost: Party supplies. Feather boas, tiaras, bachelorette sashes, a fake engagement ring, cheapo wedding veil, etc. Go crazy.

Everyone should split the party supply costs evenly-just to be fair.  Ger dressed up and select the first person to be “the bride”. She’ll wear the fake engagement ring, and everyone else gets to pretend to be her bridesmaids. Get dressed up and go out to some bars and let the bartender know that it’s a bachelorette party. The bar will usually supply free drinks to the party–or at the very least, the bride.  Then when you move to the next bar let someone else be the bride: trade off sashes, rings, veils, etc. Depending on what city you’re in, you can usually get free drinks all night. Not sure if this would work for a bachelor party. Probably not, but it would be exciting to try it.

WARNING: Sometimes they make you dance on a bar or do something embarrassing in order to get your party free drinks.  So be prepared to get a little crazy.

**Drinking Games for the House/Apt**

A cheaper, more relaxed way to get a larger group of friends all sorts of tipsy.

Players: This works best with a large group.
Cost: Pitcher of beer, deck of cards.

Everyone should have a a cup of beer and there should be a full pitcher as well. Pull out enough cards for everyone playing. If you have 6 people, then you need six cards all the same suit except one of a different suit. For example if you have six people, then you need five hearts and one spade. Shuffle the cards and have everyone pick one-don’t let anyone see your card. The person who draws the spade is the killer.  Throughout the night, the “killer” is supposed to sneakily wink at people-the idea is to go unnoticed. If someone winks at you, then you have to chug the rest of your drink. When someone figures out who the killer is and announces it, then the killer has to chug the rest of the beer pitcher. At which point the game starts over and everyone redraws a new card.

Truth or Text.
Players: Any amount of people.
Cost: Drinks, and texting rates may apply

Essentially this is just truth or dare, except in instead of “dare,” you have to text someone.  Pick a person and ask “truth or text?” If they pick truth they have to chug the rest of their drink and answer your question. If they pick “text” they don’t have to chug but you get to text whatever you want to someone on their phone. (If you’re feeling nice, sometimes you can let the victim pick the person you get to text.)  You’d be surprised at how many people pick “truth.” [Editor's Note: This sounds like a dangerous and amazing game.]

Saved By The Bell
Players: As many people as you want.
Cost: Drinks and “Saved by the Bell” DVDS.

Put in a dvd of “Saved by the Bell” (or find it online). In each episode, everyone has to drink when:

1. You see a boom mic in the shot. (Look at the top of the screen).
2. Jessie gets on her soapbox.
3. Slater mentions his muscles.
4. Zach looks at the camera.

You should all be passed out by episode 3.

(You can do this with any movie or TV show. Some good ones:)

1. Titanic: Everytime someone says “Jack” or “Rose” you drink.  (Although drinking to Titanic can get depressing.)

2. I (heart) Huckabees: Every time you feel confused about what’s going on you drink.

3. The Simpsons: Every time you hear “D’oh!”, Lisa mentions humanity, Marge says “I don’t know….”, and every time Bart pulls a prank, you drink.

Kara Lindsey is a recent graduate from the University of Texas at Austin.  She recieved her BS in Radio-Television-Film.

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