Giveaway: Chocolate Bark BGSK Cookbook Winner!

We loved reading about all your favorite Chocolate Bark combinations, in celebration of the prized recipe in our cookbook, In the Small Kitchen. We may be stealing some of them soon (with credit where credit is due, obvs).

But there can only be one winner…so…congrats to Claire!

Here’s what Claire had to say:

my all time favorite is the white chocolate pistachios and dried cherries!! yum yum yum can’t seem to get enough!!

Yum indeed. Hop on over to BGSK to check out our favorite chocolate bark variations and mix-ins. And for those of you who weren’t lucky enough to win, we hope you’ll go out and pick up a copy of our book anyway!

–Cara and Phoebe, co-founders of BGSK and SKC

Originally posted on Thursday, June 9th, 2011

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