Brown Baggin’ with the Kids Cook Monday

One of the many sites we’re teaming up with this week for the Brown Bag Challenge is The Kids Cook Monday. An affiliate of Meatless Monday (a BGSK favorite), the campaign  encourages families to begin each week cooking and eating together. Since our childhood eating memories include many a brown bag, why not turn this week’s kids cooking challenge into a shared brown bag activity! Using up leftovers is one of our favorite strategies for packing our lunch. Make an extra portion of your dinner tonight, and have your kid help you repurpose it into their lunch for the next day. We’re getting into the habit early over here at Small Kitchen College. But perhaps if we grew up making our lunches with our families, we wouldn’t even have to think about it!

Check out the Kids Cook Monday campaign. And if you’re a big kid like us, why not make Monday brown bag night anyway?

Originally posted on Monday, July 11th, 2011

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