Friday Recipe Round-up: End of Summer Favorites

Every week we’ll round up some of the best recipes, food writing, cooking tips and drinking tricks that every college student should know about.  Here’s what’s cooking in virtual kitchens around the web this week.

Your summer internship is over, and you’re trying to soak up the last rays of sunshine on the beach before heading back to school. Here are a couple of recipes to try out as you are wrapping up your summer!

-Melissa Tovin, Small Kitchen College Contributor


Here’s some advice from Lip Gloss Culture on how to pack the perfect and healthy end of summer sunday picnic

Use some of your end of summer corn to make a delicious spicy corn salsa and wash down the spice with some southern iced tea

Girl scout cookies are most definitely out of season right now, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t craving them like crazy, so the perfect solution comes with make your own Tagalongs as an end of summer baking project

Margaritas are the essential summer drink, so why not enhance it and make it last with a little beer?

So this might not epitomize the end of summer per se… but don’t these dips look pretty and delicious?

Originally posted on Sunday, August 21st, 2011

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