This Week at College: Getting Back into the Swing of Things

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–Rebecca McGoldrick, Small Kitchen College Contributor


Sharing a room is hard. Whether your roommate is your best friend or a complete stranger, you are bound to have issues. Get queries and questions answered with Ask A Roommate.

Looking for some interesting classes this semester? Perhaps something out of the ordinary? Check out The Craziest College Classes In the Country to see if your college made the cut.

Whether you are moving to college for the first time or last, check out this College Move-In Survival Guide.

If you aren’t ready to move-in yet, Preparing for School: Mentally, Physically and Musically will get you there!

If you’re heading to school in a (dreaded) long-distance relationship, here are 5 things you SHOULDN’T do.

Out of a dorm and into an apartment? Make sure to pack our Top Eleven Must Have Items for a First Kitchen!

Originally posted on Friday, August 26th, 2011

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