What’s On Tap: UFO White

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Brewery/Bar: Harpoon Brewery at FennAgains Irish Pub
Beer: UFO White
Bottle, Can, or Draft: Draft
Body: Pale, cloudy gold with mild carbonation and a fluffy head of foam.
Flavor Profile: A refreshing Belgian white. Wheaty, but light enough for summertime drinking.
User Profile: Perfect for Blue Moon drinkers who are looking to upgrade, but stay in their comfort zone.
Occasion: Casual outing to the local pub.

The first time I tried this beer was on a whim at a local Irish pub. Their outstanding selection of beers on tap are what make me a regular there and this uninformed decision did not disappoint. This is the kind of beer that doesn’t require much of its drinker other than a valid ID.

Harpoon Brewery is one that I generally trust as I had tried their other beers before, including the UFO Hefeweizen (also recommended), so when I decided to give this beer a try I was expecting something of the same caliber — and that’s exactly what I got. Like Blue Moon, this was served to me with an orange slice, which I always enjoy (I like to put it in my drink  and then eat the beer-soaked fruit once I’ve finished my drink) and it enhanced the slight sweetness of the beer.

So what makes this beer all that much better than Blue Moon? It’s unfiltered. For those who have not tried any unfiltered beers: do it. They’re awesome. The result is a kind of smooth thickness that gives the beer a body that filtered varieties just can’t compare to and yet remains light and refreshing enough not to weigh you down on a hot day. This beer is perfect for a picnic or cookout and will satisfy even the choosiest of beer drinkers – whether they be total snobs, or just not that into the stuff. It may not be the most unique beer, but it sure is delicious.

Chrysanthe is a recent graduate of Smith College who keeps her funemployment interesting by studying for the GRE, freelancing, and watching other people’s children. She enjoys ending the day with some cold beer, a good book, and the occasional double feature at the drive-in movie theater.

Originally posted on Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

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