What’s On Tap: Zywiec Porter

by Emma Hazen

Bar: Stone Tavern, 674 Manhattan Ave., Brooklyn.
Beer: Zyweic Porter
Bottle, Can, or Draft: Bottle
Body: Dark caramel color with medium carbonation and a dry finish.
Flavor Profile: Zyweic Porter is heavy and full bodied with a robust malty flavor and a dark, bitter aftertaste. I tasted hints of burnt caramel and espresso. It was reminiscent of its cousin, Zyweic, a favorite traditional Polish lager, and Lomza, another Polish beer, but with a much fuller taste.
User Profile: Old Polish men.
Occasion: With something like pizza, to balance out its heavy malt flavor, as well as to soak up the excess alcohol (9.5%alc/vol!).

For the summer, I am subletting a place in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, a historically and still largely Polish neighborhood. One of the best perks about living in Greenpoint (besides McGorlick Park) is the large variety of cheap Eastern European, mostly Polish, beers at the corner stores.

I had tried Zywiec before and really enjoyed it, so I decided to try the porter version. Between the two, I would stand by Zywiec because it goes down a bit easier than the heavy Zywiec Porter. However, Zywiec Porter has a lot of flavor, which was a nice change from my usual watery cheap standby, PBR.

On tap, you can find Zywiec and Zyweic Porter at Stone Tavern in Greenpoint. Practice your Polish and play some pool at this dive. In the East Village, another historically Polish stronghold, check out the lounge, Klimat, to sample an impressive number of Eastern European beers on tap including Zyweic and Zyweic Porter in bottles.


Originally posted on Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

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