Friday Recipe Round-up: Sweet Tooth

BGSK Apple Compote

Every week we’ll round up some of the best recipes, food writing, cooking tricks and drinking tips that every college student should know about.  Here’s what’s cooking in virtual kitchens around the web this week.

I’m craving something that’s sweet, so this week’s recipe roundup will show you guys exactly how to satisfy your sweet tooth this week!

— Melissa Tovin, Small Kitchen College Contributor


Why bother with individual cookies when you can make one simple linzer tart recipe that can feed a whole group?

A fruit cobbler can be oh so simple when it’s raw. Try this recipe for cobbler topping and make any fruit modification that you like! You can even try Cara and Phoebe’s apple compote recipe if you want to get right into the fall season.

Ice cream in cake form. Yummm, I can’t wait to try this mint chocolate chip cake recipe.

I didn’t think a one bowl chocolate cake could get any better… until Deb from Smitten Kitchen added some red wine to it.

I’m not sure if I have the patience to make this one… but how cool is this rubiks cube cake?

Originally posted on Friday, September 16th, 2011

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