This Week at College: Happy Halloween!

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–Kia Mosenthal, Small Kitchen College Contributor.


Halloween would not be complete with our favorite fall fruit — the pumpkin! This Halloween, don’t limit your pumpkin passion to pies and jack o’ lanterns, try using pumpkin in a new and surprising way!

Between bites of all things pumpkin, it’s hard to resist the Halloween candy and goodies. Here are some tricks to stay away from the most caloric treats.

Spent all of your money (and time) baking tasty Halloween treats? Make one of these cheap and easy DIY Halloween costumes.

Now that you have a costume, let’s talk makeup. The experts are ready to show you how to paint your face and primp your hair.

And then, find out what your Halloween costume says about you.

Originally posted on Friday, October 28th, 2011

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