Weekend Agenda: An Amazing Apple-Picking Adventure

It was the last week of September. Zoe and Julie had recently settled into their new apartment at school. Their first round of midterms was still a couple weeks away and the prospect of throwing an apple-inspired fall party swirled in their minds.

So one Saturday morning, they set out to Barden Family Orchard where they plucked apples off trees of all shapes and sizes. They lugged at least 60 apples into the trunk of their car, made a pit stop at Stop and Shop, and returned home to cook and bake an entire apple-inspired feast.

They made pasta with apples, onions, and leeks. Then, two brimming apple pies with criss-cross crust. They chopped up a Waldorf Salad and baked apple walnut muffins. And last but not least, prepared a baked brie garnished with caramelized apples and rosemary. The apple-infused spread of food was devoured by friends of Zoe and Julie alike. From tree to stomach, every carefully picked apple was thoroughly enjoyed, in one food form or another.

Julie Sophonpanich and Zoe McKinnell are seniors and roommates at Brown University. They love hosting themed dinner parties for their friends and exploring various restaurants together.

**Recipe Box**

Apple Pie with Criss-Cross Crust
Everyone’s gotta have one of these in their recipe box.

Baked Brie with Apples
This is a great sweet-savory dish that can be easily eaten as a side dish, appetizer, or dessert!

Apple Cake with Caramel Glaze
Apples + caramel + cake = winner.

Caramel Apples
This one is for when you’re craving the previously mentioned apple and caramel combo but don’t want to bother with the cake part.

Apple Pie Granita
Here’s a fast dessert that uses up any leftover apple juice you may have around.

Pear and Apple Galette
In case you ever get tired of pies and cakes (as if), tarts are a great and easy alternative!

Autumn Punch
This is a great fall-appropriate version of a Dark ‘n Stormy

Originally posted on Friday, October 21st, 2011

3 Responses to “Weekend Agenda: An Amazing Apple-Picking Adventure”

  1. Christina Chan

    October 22nd, 2011

    Hi Julie,

    Your mom forwarded this website to me. Food sounds amazing and extremely fresh.

  2. Celia Sophonpanich

    October 22nd, 2011

    Wow! thanks for sharing so many delicious ways to cook apples!

  3. Helen Lim

    October 22nd, 2011

    All your food sure looks delicious. How many people did you invite for your party? I’m very impressed! I don’t think I’ve done anything so elaborate when I was at Brown. Wish I can sample all your food. If you need a pie crust recipe anytime, let me know. I have one very easy. I learnt it from my Japanese cooking teacher. You won’t even get your fingers dirty because you put all the ingredients in a plastic bag and just mix the ingredient by pinching the bag.


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