What’s On Tap: Sixpoint Autumnation

Autumnation Beer

Brewery OR Bar: Sixpoint, Brooklyn, New York OR The Fridge, Lancaster, Pa.
Beer: An earthy, hoppy Halloween brew
Bottle, Can, or Draft: Can
Body: amber, sturdy head that leaves a lacey ring
Flavor Profile: more like a hoppy brew of autumn leaves than a pumpkin ale
User Profile: For lovers of IPA who want to be festive without sacrificing the hair on their chest
Occasion: Séances, Ghost hunts, haunted hayrides and the like

I know I’m not supposed to, but I always judge a beer by the can or bottle. This explains why I chose the Sixpoint Autumnation among other pumpkin-y Oktoberfest-y brews. The pint-size can is a burnt orange with retro lettering and simple pumpkin graphic. If it was around back then, I imagine it’s what our hippie parents drank back in the 70s when on a hayride or while toilet-papering houses. Rebels.

Now I LOVE pumpkin ale, so my first sip of this was a shocker: highly carbonated, hoppy, earthy and spicy. Where’s the pumpkin? I had other taste testers who couldn’t taste the pumpkin either. A few more sips and I thought I could taste a hint of it at the end, but it could have been psychological. It tastes closer to an IPA and made with wet hops, so it’s also incredibly floral and spicy. Unfortunately, the only pumpkin is on the can.

The brew is ideal for backyard bonfires, haunted hayrides and anything that involves the outdoors and costumes. It’s a beer that will keep you warm in those skimpy costumes while simultaneously making you look like a beer snob.

Alexia Detweiler studied abroad in Brussels where she learned French and became a beer and chocolate snob.

Originally posted on Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

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