You’re Invited: Halloween Bash!

Hosting holiday parties is difficult, especially on a college campus. After all, it’s a holiday, and holidays normally mean there’s a lot going on, or, for some holidays, that everyone flees off campus. The challenge is figuring out when, where, and with who, you want to celebrate. Of course, the solution to that is hosting a party yourself, because you have the added benefit of creating the event you want to go to! Unfortunately, your dilemma isn’t over though. On a Monday this year, it’s hard to figure out when the Halloween celebration should take place. On my campus, it’s pretty much been determined the major celebrating will go down on Saturday, but with haunted houses, bandfests, and other campus-sanctioned events, finding the time to fit your event in can be the opposite of boo-tiful. Never fear, we have suggestions to cure your Halloween party blues!

**The Details**

What: Strategically planned Halloween Bash!

For: Your usual crew, plus all those people that you hang out with on occasions and always really enjoy. They’ll come, ’cause who doesn’t love a great Halloween party?

When: The Saturday before Halloween. But the kicker is that you have to be strategic. Surf the Facebook events popping up. What events do you want to go to? What events will other people want to go to? Fit yours in in the place most logical to gain maximum attendance rates. Have a lot of night events going on? Plan an early afternoon jack o’lantern carving party. Have a dinner you’re dying to attend? Make your party last into the witching hours. Whatever works for you.

What to Eat: Since you’re trying to make this party work for everyone, I’m betting it will err on the side of being early or later, in which case, a big meal is out, which is good because there are a bunch of great snacks you should include in your bash. On the sweet treats side, your guests will love jack-o-lantern pumpkin poptarts, chocolate spider pops, or Halloween marshmallow krispies. Craving something salty, never fear, this ghastly ghost dip or breadstick mummy dogs oughta do the trick.

What to drink: Mulled Apple Cider with Whiskey and Severed-Hand Punch are sure crowd pleasers, plus they keep the theme quite nicely.

How to Set the Scene: Orange and black streamers simply isn’t going to get the job done on this one. Be sure to go the extra mile to severely spook your guests. Deck the porch with freshly carved pumpkins, throw on some spooky music in the background (I recommend Pandora), and maybe even provide a horror flick for background entertainment…and screams. You could even add personalized decorations based on costumes of guests you know are attending.

Isn’t this obvious? Your best, most well-thought out Halloween costume!


Shannon Kelley is a graduate student at Truman State University in Kirksville, MO. She’s currently hoping the spooks will be plentiful and the guests will be many at her own upcoming Halloween bash.

Originally posted on Friday, October 28th, 2011

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