Sandwich of the Week: Butler’s Wraps

Dish: Classy Chick Wrap
Venue: Butler & Co Delicatessen
Price Tag: £4.50

When you live in a town with only three streets, food becomes a little redundant. You could get a panini from Taste. You could opt for a bagel sandwich from Gorgeous. If you’re feeling adventurous you could order the student deal curry from Balaka and they’ll deliver it to your door within thirty minutes. Beyond that, your choices are really limited.

There is one place that never fails to exceed my expectations. Once you’ve landed on Butler’s for lunch (unfortunately it isn’t open for dinner), your options are nearly unlimited. In addition to fresh, local meats, charcuterie and cheeses, and a small selection of gourmet grocery items, Butler’s has an extensive and unbelievably tasty selection of flatbread sandwiches.

A massive blackboard spans the wall at the back of the deli, detailing the contents of each sandwich, presenting you with an endless list of cleverly named sandwiches. When possible, the ingredients are locally-sourced, and each item is carefully thought out. In a nod to Thanksgiving, I went with the Classy Chick this time. The Lebanese flatbread is folded gingerly around thinly sliced turkey breast, brie cheese, cranberry jelly, avocado, and oak leaf and carefully toasted until the sandwich is warmed through and just barely crisp at the edges.

If the line spilling out the door and enticing scent of handcrafted sandwiches wafting down the street don’t draw you in, Butler’s stock of American products like Jif peanut butter, Old Bay Seasoning, Solo Cups, and Goldfish will definitely strike a chord with homesick Americans missing the comforts of the good ole US of A in Scotland.

Hayley Daen is a sophomore at the University of St Andrews, where she lives in a dinky apartment right across from Tesco, which makes throwing impromptu tea parties a snap.

Originally posted on Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

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