This Week At College: Be A Better You

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–Kia Mosenthal, Small Kitchen College Contributor.


OMG, so, like, do you tots abbreviate, like literally everything because, like, it’s just 2 hard to stop doing #4real? Break these top five bad grammar habits and start speaking like the well-educated college student you are (please note proper use of the word ‘like’).

Skipped class lately? Tempting as it may be to snooze through your 9 a.m. class, make skipping class an exception, not the rule, on Monday mornings.

Sometimes we let our good sense slip when we are in the midst of well-deserved weekend partying. Find out which party fouls you should work to prevent, and which ones are OK to let slide every now and again.

If you’re saving up for an apartment, stop shopping and start saving!

And, believe it or not, one of the worst study habits you can develop is not taking a break!

Originally posted on Friday, November 4th, 2011

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