Pouring Now: Bila-Haut Syrah, Granache, and Carignan Blend

Type: Red Wine
Varietal/Grape: Syrah, Granache, and Carignan blend
Hails From: Cotes de Catalanes (aka Southwest France)
Main Notes: Black cherries, grilled figs, and a touch of dark chocolate
Goes Best With: French Fries
Avg. Price: $9
Recipe Pairing: French Fries
Occasion: Before going out on a Friday night with girl friends

This wine is a gorgeous dark red color. It’s bold and each sip is bursting with berries, chocolate and spices. Despite its complexity the wine is smooth and releases a bright finish. I would definitely bring it to a fancy holiday party, and will pick up a bottle the next time I make stew. But tonight I will be drinking it with French fries. Tonight I need some greasy fries, a bottle of rich red wine, and a good girlfriend before I brave the Chicago winter in quest of some more friends and beer at the bar.

Alex Milling is a recent graduate of Northwestern and loves dry, full-bodied red wines.

Originally posted on Tuesday, December 20th, 2011

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