Sweet of the Week: Raspberry Almond Bar

Dish: Raspberry Almond Bar
Venue: Taste
Price Tag: £0.60

For all the praises that can be sung about hearty roasts, meaty sandwiches, and salty, addictive snacks, sometimes, you’ve just gotta indulge your sweet tooth. It comes out of nowhere for me. I’ll be happily chugging along, in a normal, healthy eating routine, when suddenly I will be struck with the most intense craving for something so sugary it would stop my heart then and there.

I go back and forth in my mind, debating whether I will cave or not. My mind and my stomach play a game of chess, and you can probably guess who wins. I’m sent running to the kitchen (or, in the most horribly embarrassing instances, to the grocery store) by my grumbling and very demanding stomach. I really have no choice in the matter. Sometimes, however, a plain old snickers or a cup of hot chocolate simply will not suffice.

In those desperate times, I must brave the biting cold and vicious winds of St Andrews, walk a block and a half, and settle down in the warmth of my favorite café, Taste. While they have countless irresistible offerings, I generally make a bee-line for the raspberry almond bars. Sweet, but not cloying, the play of textures and flavors makes for one fabulous cookie. The bars start with a perfectly crunchy shortbread base that is so good I’d happily eat it alone. On top of that, they layer a sweet-tart raspberry jam and toasty, golden flaked almonds. Honestly, how could I resist?

Originally posted on Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

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