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Eat Under $10: Super Bowl Potato Skins


Dish: Potato Skins
Serves: 4
Good for: Super Bowl Sunday
Shopping List: 4 medium potatoes, russet or sweet ($2.90/$3.28); 4-5 slices of bacon $1.10; 1 cup of cheddar cheese $0.94;
1/2 cup sour cream $0.99; 2 teaspoons of chopped chives $.15
Pantry Items: Olive Oil, Salt, Salsa (optional)
Total Cost: $6-7

If there is any day meant to be spent sitting on the couch for an extended period of time, Super Bowl Sunday is it. Although it is not officially a holiday, the Super Bowl is one of the biggest celebrations of the year. With most of the action coming …


One Pot Stop: Potato Soup


The perfect winter meal: soup. Soup is easy to prepare, leftovers are often abundant and most importantly, soup is warm – particularly crucial for those of us with a tight budget and chilly (okay, frigid) apartment. While there are plenty of good reasons to prepare soup, it rarely receives the attention it deserves. Grilled meats, vegetable side dishes (particularly those prepared with cheese) and even salads are a couple notches above soup on the food popularity scale. However, do not let one bad can of soup ruin your appetite for the real, homemade thing!

When prepared right, …