On Tap: Pacifico

Brewery: Pacifico
Beer: Clara
Bottle, Can, or Draft: Bottle
Body: Certainly not heavy, but it sure doesn’t drink like a light beer.
Flavor Profile: A pilsner first made by a couple of Germans in Mexico around 1900, Pacifico Clara is crisp and cool, never cloying.
User Profile: An all-around likable beer, Clara is a great choice for bringing a six pack over to friends’ houses, especially if you don’t know their exact tastes, or if they’re serving Mexican food (see below).
Occasion: Taco night or any Mexican-flavored fiesta…like the Super Bowl.

Since so many Super Bowl dishes wind up being Mexican-inspired (like Gooey Mexican Dip, Corn & Leek Flautas, and Pulled Pork Quesadillas), a cerveza from south of the border is a good bet, especially if you aren’t hosting and don’t know exactly what you’ll be eating at your TV-watching festivities.

In my experience, the six pack of Pacifico Clara is usually the first gone from the fridge at parties. Not to be sexist, but sometimes I think it’s because both genders like it: it has more personality than Miller Lite (for sure) but it just doesn’t sit so heavy.

If what you’re eating is spicy, like take-out wings or jalepeƱo-laced salsa, Pacifico Clara will soothe your burning palate in between bites.

Cara is the co-founder of Big Girls, Small Kitchen and Small Kitchen College.


Originally posted on Tuesday, January 31st, 2012

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