On Tap: Young’s Double Chocolate Stout

Brewery: Wells & Young
Beer: Double Chocolate Stout
Bottle, Can, or Draft: Bottle
Body: Dark brown, slight carbonation with little foam.
Flavor Profile: Doesn’t necessarily live up to its name, but still a very luxurious malt.
User Profile: New beer quaffer attracted to all things chocolate.
Occasion: Unseasonably cold Florida night in with a boy.

This beer is equivalent to flavored coffee: it smells incredible, but tastes like the regular thing – perhaps a bit off, actually. Nevertheless, it’s not to be discounted. It is richly colored and has a very intense flavor. It lingers in the back of your throat with just a bit of sweetness. The chocolatiness of the beer lies in its aroma and color, though you can catch a hint of chocolate as you swallow. It was a nice addition to a chilly, windy night when a lighter beer would have been completely inappropriate. However, I’m a complete pansy so this dense stuff gave me a headache. Not sure if I’d opt for this pseudo-chocolatey beer again, but I would love to test out this recipe for chocolate stout brownies!

Suzannah Schneider is a junior at Tulane University who is getting ready to study abroad in Copenhagen next semester. She is ridiculously excited to be living in a culinary-themed house and is eager to see if Noma is worth the hype.

Originally posted on Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

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