Nutrition and Health Tip: DIY Cardio Circuit Workout

“Tomorrow, I will go to the gym.”

How many times have you found yourself thinking that exact string of words as you polish off the last of the mushroom lasagna curled up on the couch in front or a re-run of “The Real Housewives.”

Let’s face it, the winter season comes with an almost biological longing for rich, comforting foods and trashy network television at the expense of a very similar biological turn-away for all time spent outdoors. It’s cold and it’s dark, and for the December to March months I find myself in mini-hibernation mode as thick as my longing for hot chocolate sundaes with extra whipped cream and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. The extra whipped cream is key.

And then almost as suddenly as it began, the sun re-emerges, bringing with it flower blooms, and chirping birds, and an impending spring break season (read: bikinis on beaches, my god!). Winter comes to pass but the side effects of a few months spent immobile inside don’t shift as fast as the seasons.

With the assistance of the world wide web, some old issues of Shape magazine, and a few tips I picked up at the gym, I have devised an “I absolutely refuse to gain the hibernation weight but I refuse to go to the gym” DIY at-home cardio circuit. Perfect for those days of blizzard weather, or second helpings of the season’s finest. All you need is a little floor space, an excersie mat, and some serious pump-up music to raise that heart-rate and induce a good old-fashioned indoor sweat!

Perform two sets of the following moves, resting 30 seconds in between each move. I prefer to set my mat next to a small patch of floor space for easy movement between the two surrogate stations. Keep a set of dumbbells or your preferred weight nearby and a bottle of water for a quick refuel.

**DIY Cardio Circuit Workout (with YouTube examples!)**

Jumping Jacks50 reps

Alternating Lunges - 50 reps
Pump It Up by holding dumbbells in each hand

Mountain Climbers - 50 reps

Old-Fashioned Squats - 50 reps
Pump It Up and bust out those dumbbells for added resistance

Stationary Jump Rope – 50 reps
Pump It Up and try a real jumping rope if you have one handy

Push Ups- 25 reps
Pump It Up and try these babies with your feet elevated

Jumping Jacks - 50 reps

Single Leg Squats - 25 each leg
Pump It Up with dumbbells

Mountain Climbers- 50 reps

Side Lunges - 50 reps

Burpees - 20 reps

Try not to reward your hard-pressed effort with another dessert and you’ll really reap the benefits……or, maybe do reach for that cookie, after all. You worked for it!

Sarah Buchanan is a senior at NYU where she studies history and creative writing. When she is not planning her upcoming June wedding or daydreaming about her Antigua honeymoon, she is searching for the city’s best pickles!


Originally posted on Sunday, February 26th, 2012

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