Taco of the Week: Foxy Loxy Print Gallery & Cafe

Dish: Soft shell chicken taco
Venue: Foxy Loxy Print Gallery & Cafe
Price Tag: $3.50

As I’m approaching my last weeks left of college, I am starting to realize that not only will I be leaving Savannah with a Bachelors of Fine Arts but also with an unofficial degree in ‘Coffee Shop Appreciation’. Isn’t that the most cliché college girl thing you have ever heard? Getting my work done is a million times better when I can do it settled into a cozy coffee shop, laptop charged, pen and paper nearby and fully stocked diverse food and beverage options at my finger tips. In any college setting, there will be a vast selection of establishments that will fill the need that we all have the hunger for. With that said, when there is a little twist added into the mix to spice up the average café environment, it is a fantastic breath of fresh air. One example? Tex-mex snacks, art and coffee. This is what Savannah’s new wonderful cafe, Foxy Loxy, offers to the community.

While Foxy Loxy promotes itself as a print gallery and café, they are quite known around campus for their delicious selection of sweet treats (kolaches, scones, vegan cookies), an interesting array of alcoholic beverages (bellinis, craft beer and wine) and tex-mex inspired delicacies. We’re talkin’ churros, huevos rancheros quiche, mexican hot chocolate, jalapeno cornbread and last but not least, tacos. My personal favorite is the chicken taco which might sound unadventurous and basic, but if my taste buds have anything to say about this, they would say that’s a wrong assumption.

The outrageously tender shredded chicken is topped with a house-made corn and black bean salsa, a scattering of queso fresco, a dash of non-overbearing cilantro crema (this may convince cilantro-haters to come to the other side) and finished off  in a soft shell corn tortilla. This taco is bursting with flavor, color and excitement that gives you a bit of a jumpstart in the middle of the day. Foxy Loxy also offers different taco options such as carne asada, ground beef, pork and vegetarian. Only three of each are offered on designated days, so call ahead if you have something specific in mind.

I paired my taco with an iced chai latte (an offbeat combination, but trust me on it!), which in my opinion is the best in all of Savannah. Creamy, not too sweet and pungent, served chilled in a mason jar. For under ten bucks, this is a great way of having your own little mid day feast.

Sarah Cunningham is a senior at SCAD, where she studies fashion and spends too much money on thrift store knick knacks & tries her best to experiment successfully in the kitchen. Read More…

Originally posted on Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

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