The Best Foods for Staying Cozy All Winter

Brrr, it’s cold out here!

We haven’t quite suffered 2010/2011-like blizzards here in the northeast this season (yet). The weather is cold, though. Really, really cold sometimes. We’ve got lives, and we’ve got to go out, and to go out, we’ve got to stay warm.  While alcohol does work on occasion, we can actually do better. Follow some of these rules and take a healthy approach to eliminate winter chills.

**Tips and Tricks**

1. Eat healthful fat. There are a few different theories about why we feel colder in the winter even if the heat inside is turned up to room temperature. The most widely accepted seems to be that colder temperatures make your blood more acidic and acidic blood makes you feel colder. To counteract this effect, eat foods high in healthy fat like olive oil or avocado as well as food high in protein like eggs and nuts. That translates into yummy omelet or some guacamole, which will taste good and simultaneously combat the cold.

2. Eat foods high in iron. Iron is needed to make the thyroid hormone that helps increase your body temperature. Foods high in iron include red meats and leafy vegetables like spinach. Eat more iron by ordering a burger or a spinach salad from time to time.

3. Warm drinks are always essential. Hearty soups, warm drinks and fondue are scrumptious and immediate ways to stay warm this February.

Zoe is a junior at Brown University where she studies Biology and Literary Arts. She’s an avid runner, cupcake consumer, Grey’s Anatomy viewer and lab geek.

Originally posted on Thursday, February 9th, 2012

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