This Week at College: Make the Best of the Bad

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—Kia Mosenthal, Small Kitchen College Contributor.


There are days when convenience trumps culinary craftsmanship. If you’re going to break for fast food, go for the garden salad and leave the super-sized french fries behind.

French fries are undoubtedly one of life’s guilty pleasures. But not all pleasures add girth to your gut. Check out these 7 healthy guilty pleasures.

The massive amounts of sugar in a margarita mix are enough to put a damper on any Happy Hour. Put the “happy” back in Happy Hour by mixing these low-calorie cocktails.

After a night of “skinny” sex-on-the-beaches, the last thing you want to do is break a sweat at the gym. Motivate yourself to get moving by wearing these cute workout clothes.

First-encounters are awkward (no matter how intoxicated you are). Make the best of breaking the ice by using a line that fits your personality.

Originally posted on Friday, February 24th, 2012

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