You’re Invited: Dead Presidents Presidents’ Day Party

While everyone else is doing up the same old Mardi Gras party this weekend, try your hand at something a little more unique: a Dead Presidents Presidents’ Day Party! Presidents Day is no longer that day you got off school when you were younger, but instead can be an incredible party opportunity. An awesome thing about planning this party is that there is an unbelievable number of all-American recipes, drinks, and decorations out there just waiting to be discovered–so this party can go any direction you dream of taking it. For mine, I’m planning a bit of the traditional and stuffy mixed in with some modern red, white, and blue touches. Don your best president get-up and help your friends celebrate our leaders, past and present!

**The Details**

What: Dead Presidents Presidents’ Day Party

For: Ten of your most creative, willing, and history-loving friends. See the image above to view my friends in one of my favorite costumes of all time.

When: Well, Presidents’ Day, obviously.

What to Eat: For this shindig, an old-fashioned potluck is best, but if you’re providing the main course, stick to something traditionally American. For you that may mean a hearty meat loaf or a more modern favorite like burgers or grilled cheese. Whatever you choose, be sure to cap off your night with some awesome American desserts like this Red Velvet Trifle or this phenomenal cake if you’re feeling extra crafty.

What to Drink: I’m a huge fan of this Independence Punch, and what could be more American than these jello shots to go along with it?

How to Set the Scene: Flags, stars, stripes, you know the drill. To make the setting feel a little more ancient, be sure to age your invitations by burning the edges, eat by candlelight, and speak in 19th century-isms. Oh, and you’ll want to be playing this in the background.

Attire: Dead Presidents! Former First Ladies will work as well. This may sound difficult, but when you take a gander at the photo I’ve posted above, you will realize how fun of a task this really is. Remember playing pool games as a child and giving yourself George/Martha Washington hair? Now you can kick it up a notch. Break out your coattails, cummerbunds, hairspray, and anything else American and regal for the occasion.

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Shannon Kelley is lucky enough to be student teaching this semester where she is indulging in perks such as snow days and having Presidents’ Day off.

Originally posted on Friday, February 17th, 2012

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  1. ebs

    February 7th, 2013

    I love the costumes and that you included an Animaniacs song! I had a President’s Day party too. For my menu I looked up food that would have to do with certain presidents and had my guests guess what president they were for. I did Cherry Pie (Washington), Jelly Beans (Reagan)and Hot Dogs (FDR, apparently he served them to visiting dignitaries). I also made a red velvet bundt cake with blue frosting and put thirteen white stars around it. I am so glad I’m not the only dork throwing this kind of party! :)

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