How to: Evolve Your Egg Sandwich

If you’re like me,  you’re thinking about Pokémon. We’re both thinking about Pokémon. It’s okay. Pokémon evolve, it’s only natural. Well, when Ash was on the road through all those color towns, he, much like yourself I presume, ate a lot of breakfast sandwiches at Dunkin Donuts or the cafe thing at your school. They’re fast, cheap, and they fill some sort of salt craving we all have lurking inside us.

But what he was too busy “catching ‘em all” to realize was that the egg sandwich can be an equally fast, cheap and fulfilling at-home breakfast staple. No need for a Moonstone, Waterstone or Leafstone (oh, this analogy runs deep); you probably have all the necessary pieces to evolve your egg sandwich at home as we speak.

**Tips and Tricks**

Do your egg up right. This one has been in the works for years. Phoebe’s mother taught her how to make the perfect olive oil fried egg at a young age, putting her straight on the path to acclaimed cookbook co-author. Meanwhile, Cara’s mother had her in the kitchen making creamy, soft scrambled eggs—not tough and no icky raw bits mixed in. Another worthwhile lesson. Perfection is elusive among the simple egg. Pick your pleasure, then take the extra minute to learn the tricks and do it up right.

Jam goes on bread. I always used to put strawberry jam on my grilled ham and cheeses, and at the time in my small town it was quite revolutionary. Nowadays with foodies among us, jam goes anywhere it pleases, and rightfully so. Take the jam-smeared toast you’ve already got for breakfast and plop an egg between those s(m)uckers. The jarred stuff is great and homemade is even better. Don’t forget about savory jams like tomatoonion and especially bacon.

Beyond the BS. (and H). Bacon, sausage and ham are not the only egg-friendly meats. That’s just a rumor. Another rumor is that sausage has to be a rounded patty. Instead try the pre-cooked chicken sausage that comes in packs of five or so in an array of exhilarating varieties. Way less fat than pork patties and just 30 seconds in the microwave. Chorizo, flank steak, prosciutto and meatballs are other options. And of course any veggie you can possibly think of, from caramelized onions to sliced avocado.

A reason to season. Besides the gooey yolk that tastes like heaven, eggs don’t have that much going on taste-wise, so basically it’s a free-for-all. Try thyme, basil, oregano, chili powder, garlic, curry, cilantro or dill. Just not all at once.

Forage in the fridge. Got a tiny portion of leftovers not likely to fill you up but you still want it so bad? Layer bread, leftover, egg and usually cheese for a protein-packed adventure. This will work with chili, half a cheeseburger, a vegetable casserole, pasta and many others. Also note the condiments hiding back there. A spoonful of pesto, spicy mustard, relish, barbecue sauce, tomato sauce or soy sauce will do you well.

Jen Cantin graduated from Clark University in Worcester, Mass. with a degree in English and Journalism and recently relocated to Philly. She shares (a)musings at Deep Fried Epiphany and dedicates this post Exeggcute, the egg Pokémon. It comes back around.

Originally posted on Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

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  1. Joyce Rossignol

    March 24th, 2012

    Sounds yummy. I have never mastered the fried egg. Sometimes if you put a cover on the pan it keeps it all under control.

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