Impulse Buy of the Week: Sweet Potato Butter

Sweet Potato ButterImpulse Buy: Sweet Potato Butter
Store: The Fresh Market, Naples, Fl.
Aisle: Nut Butters/Jams and Jellies
Cost: $8

When I cracked open my jar of sweet potato butter, my first thought was, did I just spend $8 on baby food? I took a whiff and a wave of Thanksgiving memories rushed over me. I could almost taste the buttery turkey meat and candied sweet potatoes my grandmother made. It didn’t smell like baby food, and it didn’t taste like it either – er, not that I remember from my infancy. It was starchier and sweeter than I expected, sort of like mashed sweet potatoes thinned out with apple juice.

It could be an easy substitute for apple or pumpkin butter, but it’s not like I don’t have those crusty-rimmed jars in the back of my refrigerator. The expiration date was handwritten on the bottom of the jar: November 16, 2014. At least I have some time to figure out what to do with it. And if not, maybe I’ll have a baby by then I can feed it to.

**How to Get Through a Jar of Sweet Potato Butter**

1. Lather it on buttered toast or bagel with cream cheese.

2. Add it to pancake or waffle batter. 1/4 cup of sweet potato butter per 1 cup of batter. I’d put a dash more cinnamon to give you that cozy autumn feeling through springtime.

3. Follow this recipe for Thai Sweet Potato Soup. Add sauteed vegetables and pieces of cooked chicken for a chunky soup.

4. Eat with cottage cheese.

5. Substitute for pumpkin puree in a quick bread. It’s already sweet so you won’t need much more sugar.

6. Use as a filling for ravioli with sage and brown butter sauce for an instant “wow” meal.

7. Whip up a Sweet Potato and Cream Cheese Dip: 6 tablespoons sweet potato butter, 8 ounce cream cheese, 2 tablespoons crumbled, cooked bacon, 2 tablespoons pecan pieces and 2 scallions finely chopped. Serve with crackers. (Courtesy:

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Originally posted on Friday, March 30th, 2012

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