TV Dinners: Downton Abbey

A combination TV/period piece junkie like myself waits years for a show like Downton Abbey to come along. Over the course of two and a half months, I blew through two seasons and a two-hour Christmas special, slowing down only because I promised my boyfriend I wouldn’t progress without him, which limited our binges to weekends. Because it’s British, set in a single house in the early 1900s, and airs on PBS, it’s very difficult to describe accurately what is so lovable about this show. That said, it’s undeniably picking up steam (and if you follow us on twitter, you’ll note some lively conversation on the topic of late), so there must be something to it. For the best review I’ve seen, I’ll direct you here (until it gets taken down).

There are secrets, fancy outfits, unrequited love affairs, more secrets, and an array of titillating accents. Unsurprisingly, my favorite character by far is the cook, Mrs. Patmore, who over the course of two seasons has become my role model (see the video below, excusing Ethel’s anachronism). I think it’s fair to say that more than half of every episode centers around the preparation and presentation of dinner, either for the staff or the lords and ladies of Downton, so it seems only right to eat while you watch.

Assemble your favorite lords and ladies, and enjoy this meal, which is meant to lie somewhere between what one might enjoy either Upstairs or Downstairs, as the lines are getting blurrier by the minute.

**A Very English Dinner**

Steamed Artichokes With A Mayonnaise Sauce

Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Sharp Cheddar

Sybil’s New Favorite Lamb Stew

The Complex and Alluring Lady Mary Cocktail

Ethel’s Favorite Crêpes Suzette

Lily Bellow graduated in 2009 from Harvard University with a degree in English Literature. While in college, she bartended and cooked at the campus pub, and as a result has a difficult time eating chicken wings. She is the Managing Editor for Small Kitchen College.

Originally posted on Wednesday, March 7th, 2012

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