You’re Invited: St. Patty’s Party

St. Patrick’s Day. The day when suddenly every college student becomes Irish and/or claims to have Irish lineage. I’m on to you people. Typically St. Patrick’s Day falls on finals for me because I’m on the quarter system. But this year, it’s the week before finals, so I get to join in on the festivities.

Growing up, St. Patty’s Day was extremely stressful for me. Why? Because I had to make sure I was wearing green or else I would get pinched and let’s just say as a child I did not have a high pain threshold. I would wear the brightest green shirt I could find, plaster on shamrock fake tattoos, paint my nails green and stuff my lunchbox full of Lucky Charms. Clearly I wanted to ensure that I received copious amounts of luck.

But now St. Patty’s Day is all about the food and drink. And possibly about consuming a whole box of Girl Scout thin mints in one sitting. But don’t worry, your Irish-themed party can still totes be about Lucky Charms, I mean, we’re still in college…cereal is an integral part of our food pyramid.

**The Details**

What: St. Patty’s Day Party (you host, your friends bring the beer and some St. Patty’s Day noshes)

For: I would say 10-15 of your closest friends, but let’s get real, this could grow to be a big party real quick, depending on the amount of Irish car bombs that are consumed.

When: Saturday, March 17th. Just realized St. Patty’s Day is on a Saturday. Bonus for you, but apologies in advance to your Sunday morning self.

Attire: Anything green. Extra credit if you dress up like a leprechaun.

What to Eat: I personally think that St. Patty’s Day equals chocolate, things marinated/cooked in beer, and more sweets. Holidays are an excuse to bake and eat desserts! Before your guests arrive, have a wonderful dinner of guinness marinated flank steak or beef braised short ribs. And you just have to make this oatmeal stout cake with apples and whisky cream. It’s up to you if you want to share this with your guests, but personally I’m eating this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Once your guests arrive, serve them some fun peppermint marshmallows and fudgy triple chocolate brownies. Add some green M&Ms to make these brownies even more festive and chocolatey!

What to Drink: If there is a holiday to not be a cheap college student and splurge on quality beer and alcohol, this is the day. Buy some Guinness, buy some Baileys–really, go for it. Make some super fun cocktails, like a peppermint patty shot or even Peppermint Schnapps hot chocolate

How to Set the Scene: Green, green, and rainbows. Also, reuse those plastic cauldrons you have from Halloween and fill ‘em with gold chocolate coins or popcorn. Blast some bagpipe music (ok that might be more Scottish than Irish, but no one will notice), and when all else fails, start singing some drinking songs!

Kelsey Krasnigor does have some Irish in her blood, no she really does. And even though she’s no longer 8, she will still be wearing lots of green and searching for pots of gold.

Originally posted on Friday, March 16th, 2012

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