Cheese of the Week: Grilled Cheese

Dish: Fresh Chevre Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Restaurant: La Laiterie Bistro
Price: $12 (Optional $3 side field greens)

Over the weekend, my friend invited me to celebrate my belated birthday over drinks, and we decided what better way to do this than to have wine and cheese. The best place to go for delicious decadent cheese and aromatic wine in Providence, RI is La Laitarie.

My friend and I decided to order the grilled cheese sandwich to share because it is quite large and very filling. Even before the dish was placed on the table, my mouth was watering with the smell of melted cheese and butter. The first bite into the crispy bread steeped with butter was sensational, not to mention when the fresh goat cheese hits the tip of my tongue. It was buttery, creamy, a tad sour as goat cheese should be, and chilled, which was a nice transition from the warm and salty bread on the outside. And then there’s the aftertaste effect which was so dreamy with the tart rhubarb jam. For my second bite, I added a piece of their pickle which gave the sandwich an extra kick. The sweet and sour pickle was just enough to complete the entire dish.

I paired my grilled cheese dish with a glass of port, as suggested by our lovely waitress. The honey laced port was a definitely a sipper, but it lasted through the night and complimented my grilled cheese dish.

La Laitarie is an extension of Farmstead Artisanal Cheese Shop where they have the best selection of cheese from around the world, including the Italian Taleggio, a cow’s milk cheese that is meaty, succulent, and pungent. When I go to the shop, I always head straight to their cheese of the day sampler platter to try out their oh-so-amazing, melt-in-your-mouth, cheeses. Then, I would scoot over to the Cheese Orphan basket, where leftover, unwanted, corner cheese is waiting to be brought home to a loving family. Who can resist adopting a few aromatic and decadent cheeses? I especially love their very salty and creamy blue cheese. With these cheeses, you can make yourself some cheese fondue or eat them with crackers and fig jam.

Julie Sophonpanich is a senior at Brown University where she concentrates in History of Art and Architecture. She enjoys strolling through grocery stores, hosting dinner parties for her friends, and traveling to sample delicious foreign dishes.

Originally posted on Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

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  1. Celia Sophonpanich

    April 23rd, 2012

    Please bring me there! I want some of those cheese!

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