Friday Recipe Roundup: Vegetarian Meals For A Confused Season

It’s definitely not winter anymore, I can vouch for that. But just when it begins to feel almost too hot, I curse myself for leaving home without a jacket. Is that what spring is now in our newly globally-warmed ecosystem; just the rapid interchange between winter and summer? I can’t help you with what to wear, but I can give you some vegetarian meals to acclimate you to a warmer season while keeping you comforted in the kitchen, with help from this week’s Pinterest board.

**SKC Picks**

This african peanut stew features winter’s all-star vegetable cast, and can be made ahead for a quick reheat when you get home.

Nothing bridges the gap between seasons like a warm, cheesy quesadilla. Try this sweet potato and black bean version with swiss chard pesto; It’s good enough to eat year round.

A little winter earthiness from brussels sprouts, a little springtime fruit to perk it up, and pasta to bring it all home. Try this baked rotini with vegetables, fruits, and fontina.

This take on a pasta salad is meant to be served warm, but I know for a fact that both orzo and beets are wonderful chilled if you so desire. Plus, its colors are guaranteed to get you excited for spring.

Light with a base of summer squash, warm with fried eggs—everything you need from a midseason dish: try these skillet eggs.

Originally posted on Friday, April 27th, 2012

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