Sweet of the Week: Rice Pudding

Dish: Vanilla Rice Pudding
Restaurant: Rice to Riches; 37 Spring Street, New York.
Price: $7 (but you can keep the insanely cool packaging and reuse)

This Spring break I find myself in New York City getting my eat and drank on (what’s up stretchy pants for the plane ride home). One of the places my sweet tooth has been dying to get to is Rice to Riches, a rice pudding boutique in New York. I ate there once on a trip a few years back and have been dreaming of it ever since. I happen to be a huge rice pudding fan—I even turn to it before I turn to ice cream. Rice pudding is often disregarded and not thought of highly in dessert circles, but I’m here to argue that it is unbelievably good.┬áTypically when people think of rice pudding, they think of old people. Well, despite the fact that I am a closeted old person (no really, I think I’m actually 76. I knit, nap, and wear bright colors), I still think that rice pudding is underestimated. It’s the perfect combination of creamy, textured, and not overly sweet.

From flavors like raisin rum to french toast and toppings like graham cracker crust to caramel sauce, you really can’t go wrong. Rice to Riches is similar to frozen yogurt shops where you can choose your flavor and add toppings. Plus, even the smallest size gives you a lot and the container can be taken home with you and kept for the next day. My mother didn’t finish her serving of rice pudding (shameful, I know) and it tastes just as creamy as yesterday. How do I know? Well I may have eaten her serving too…

The best part about Rice to Riches is that the store itself is so sassy, with hilarious sayings all over the store. With signs that read, “We have rice pudding and if you don’t like that, we have rice pudding or rice pudding.” And they tenderly refer to the toppings as “Jesus Droppings.” ┬áSome of the names of the flavors are witty too, such as “Sex, Drugs and Rocky Road,” or “The Corner of Cookies and Cream.” If nothing else, just drop by the store to get some chuckles.

Kelsey Krasnigor is currently eating her way through New York, leaving no cupcake or chocolate bar behind and no cocktails unfinished (she’s still obviously riding the high of a 21st birthday).

Originally posted on Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

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