The 5 Trendiest Foods of College Living

When it comes to food, style is kind of a big deal.

For a generation that is often driven by refined aesthetics, the way food looks isn’t a mere minor detail. As any chef will tell you, the presentation of a food can make or break the overall execution. That brings us to the world of food trends. From sushi to açai, from gourmet burgers to cupcakes.

We’ve always cared about the taste of food, but now we care that it’s tasteful too.

So without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to the uber stylish, the très chic, the staples and the newcomers of the collegiate food scene.

Ooh la-la, work it. Now this is what I call haute couture.

**Tips and Tricks**

Greek Yogurt. When I chose to attend Georgetown University (a Jesuit school), I was under the impression that my college experience wouldn’t include Greek life.

Boy was I wrong.

Although Georgetown doesn’t have official sororities and fraternities, “Greek life” is a big thing on campus. Greek yogurt, that is. Thanks to Chobani, Fage, and the like, I can’t walk across campus without seeing a student lovingly cradling a Greek yogurt. The darling of college students far and wide, Greek yogurt is coveted because it’s the total package deal.

There’s just something about spectacularly hip, fruity flavors and creamy pockets of tangy goodness that make us go gaga. We like the sound of all that “extra protein,” as well as the fact that it can be eaten anytime, anywhere.

Of course, we kind of like that it tastes like dessert in disguise too.

Granola. Oh cereal, we meet again. You’re the perfectly acceptable breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anytime food. And we dig that. We also dig the fact that you have a super sexy older sibling: granola. Seductively scrumptious, granola always seems to have us coming back for more. Which is good, because we’ve managed to justify putting it on just about everything—from oatmeal to yogurt (ahem, Greek yogurt).

Some people are into the “crunchy organic type,” while others prefer their cereal lover to be more “mainstream.” Either way, I guess you could say we have a “cereal dating” problem on our hands.

The thing is, we don’t really have a problem with that problem.

Coconut Water. We are suckers for the exotic. With the days of Spring Break now gone and summer just on the horizon, we find ourselves dreaming of somewhere tropical. Sipping a fruity drink and lying on a white, sandy beach as water laps gently at our toes. Hunky, tanned beach boys with Spanish accents may also be involved. But I’ll leave that last one up to you.

The next best thing to a dream vacation? Coconut water.

Blissfully refreshing and a tad bit sweet, coconut water is delicious. It’s also rumored to replenish electrolytes, help our cytokinins prevent aging, and introduce bioactive enzymes. Uhh…say what?

Most of us have no idea what that last point means. But until someone tells us otherwise, we figure it can’t hurt to keep on chugging coco-deliciousness.

Hummus. For college students, hummus is not merely a bean dip. It’s not a tahini-laced spread. It’s not just a snack food. It’s a way of life.

Most students cringe at the mention of garbanzo beans, but hand them a tub of hummus, and it’s smooth sailing from there.

Hummus is like the nerd that became popular—the health food that became socially acceptable as a vehicle for salty, crunchy delectables like pita chips. Though it poses the risk of turning its consumer into a garlic-breathing-dragon, students remain on the hummus bandwagon because it’s so darn versatile. It’s the little black dress snack food that never seems to let you down. It’s utilitarian with a heaping dose of swag.

Whether spread on a sandwich, fried into falafel, or served with warm pita bread squares, hummus is consistent and cheap to boot.

VitaminWater. There’s just something about jazzy beverages that make us swoon. Our generation has been taught to steer clear of soda, but that doesn’t mean were giving up chic libations anytime soon.

We have absolutely no idea what a “dragonberry” or “guanabana” is. And as long as we can get away with not taking our daily vitamin pills, we don’t plan on finding out.

VitaminWater has this weird way of making us feel like we’re making Mom & Pops proud—like each sip is sealed with the parental approval of healthiness.  For a college student, the cure to the common cold is best summed up in three words: acai, blueberry, pomegranate.  As a bonus, the fresh and witty writing on the side of every bottle keeps us giggling till the very last sip. I suppose laughter is the best medicine after all.

Though we have a secret inkling that it may just be glorified H20, we just can’t help but love an American Apparel-esque beverage that comes in a variety of neon, fruity sensations.

Lexi Cotcamp is a freshman at Georgetown University and a recent espresso convert. Forever in a constant state of motion, she runs around campus like a crazy person, attending to her involvements in everything from student government to student business. She also loves oatmeal and sweet potatoes unconditionally and finds a way to make them trendy on her own.

Originally posted on Thursday, April 19th, 2012

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  1. Jen Cantin

    April 21st, 2012

    VitaminWater as “American Apparel-esque” hahaha that is hilarious and so perfect! So true, what a wise statement.

  2. Sara G.

    April 22nd, 2012

    Humorous, informative, and unique; exudes great creative talent. Awesome work!

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