You’re Invited: Earth Day Trash Bash

I wouldn’t say I’m the savviest when it comes to going green, so I usually don’t celebrate Earth Day. But I am a huge fan of using recyclables to make clever, crafty things. So this year, I decided to throw a craft-themed Earth Day party so my friends and I could celebrate by reducing, reusing, recycling and most importantly, getting crafty!

**The Details**

What: Earth Day Trash Bash (a green-themed after-party to celebrate a successful day of planting trees, working at a community vegetable garden or cleaning up litter at the local beach or park with your friends).

For: 10-15 of your craftiest friends who are willing to get down & dirty…with the Earth, that is. Create invites out of anything you have lying around that can be recycled, like old newspapers, cardboard cracker boxes, and milk cartons. Or recycle old greeting cards like this.

Using different recycled items will ensure that each invitation will be unique and also get your guests revved-up for the day’s activities. Encourage your guests to bring as many recyclable items as possible for the DIY trash crafts. Better yet, if any of the trash you collect at the beach or park is recyclable, save it for use at the party.

When: Sunday, April 22. How perfect that Earth Day falls on a Sunday this year? There’s no better time to get out and enjoy nature than on a Sunday afternoon!

What to Eat: It’s a given that you should serve organic veggies with some homemade dip, but we all know it’s not a party without some sweets! Remember these old-school dirt cups with gummy worms? Or if you’re doing a beach clean-up, you can use the same recipe to make sand cups using vanilla Oreos, vanilla pudding mix and a variety of decorations.

What to Drink: You can’t celebrate Earth Day without also celebrating the ocean with these individual fish bowl jello shots. Don’t want to be wasteful and use plastic cups? Make your own frozen shot glasses out of your favorite blue-colored drink. Or, for a healthier, more literally green-themed party, try serving green smoothies.

How to Set the Scene: Ever play “phones off” when out-and-about with your friends? I think it’s perfect for an Earth Day Trash Bash party! Challenge your guests to turn off all their digital devices during the party and just enjoy the great outdoors with the company of good friends. Hold the party outdoors (wherever you’ve just finished cleaning up trash would be an obvious location) and set the scene with handmade recyclable decorations like these flower wind spinners. Once the sun goes down, light up the party with these wine bottle table lamps or wine bottle candle holders.

When your guests are ready for some fun, it’s time for the trash-to-treasure contest! This is when your friends get to show off their creativity by using the recyclable items they brought (or collected) and turn them into some nifty crafts. The winner gets an eco-friendly prize like this BPA-free water bottle. Be sure to provide supplies such as scissors, glue, markers, a hole punch (or encourage guests to bring along their own favorite craft supplies).

Another option is for everyone to create a crafty project together. The possibilities are endless, but some of my favorites are this egg carton muffin/cupcake package, a candy bag pencil pouch, decorative mason jar cupsbottle cap earrings, or anything made out of tin cans. And these recycled newspaper pots are great for people with green thumbs!

Attire: This is the only party where trashy attire is appropriate (and encouraged!). At the end of the party, hold a trash bash fashion show so everyone can show off their recycled masterpieces!

Brynn Cahalan, a senior at UC Irvine, loves getting crafty with recycled materials and is often seen rocking her Kool-Aid Jammers lunch sack on campus. Read more…

Originally posted on Friday, April 13th, 2012

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  1. Rich

    April 15th, 2012

    These are some terrific ideas. The dirt cups with worms look fantastic! Happy Earth Day!

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