Friday Recipe Roundup: Cinco de Mayo Party Food

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, one of our favorite excuses to gorge ourselves on cheese and avocados—you might even call it the Summertime Superbowl. To help you throw a proper party, here are a few of our favorite Mexican recipes from around the web, with help from this week’s Pinterest board.

—Lily Bellow, Small Kitchen College Managing Editor

**SKC Picks**

You’ve probably made guacamole before—but I bet you can make it better. Here are some pro-tips.

These chicken flautas are the perfect finger food, and will please party guests of all ages.

While your guests are chipping and dipping, you can assemble a plate of these barbacoa beef cheek tacos. Something about the idea of eating beef cheek makes me giggle and drool at the same time.

Don’t overlook a plate of nachos! Fun to eat, and easy to assemble, these will be an unexpected addition to your spread.

And of course, this party would be nothing without dessert. This Mexican sweet corn ice cream is creamy enough to call dessert, but light enough that you’ll still want to eat it after all that food.

Originally posted on Friday, May 4th, 2012

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