Friday Recipe Roundup: Finals Edition

It’s finals season. You’re tired. And starving. In that last 24 hours you haven’t eaten much except chewy Sour Patch Kids, an unnamable number of espresso shots and a few of those mini pretzel-hummus cups. You’re ready for a real meal, but of course not one that will force you away from a last-minute cramming session.

I get it. This week I finished my very. last. college. exam.

Below is a list of five library-friendly superfoods that take just 30 minutes or fewer to prepare, which will surely satisfy your craving for home-cooked fare.

Maria Russo is a Small Kitchen College contributor and soon-to-be graduate of Barnard College. She has relied on many a chocolate muffin to get through final exams.

**SKC Picks**

Ready to eat in just over 20 minutes, this light but filling Herbed Quinoa can be eaten easily in your library cubicle of choice.

Slide a few of these picture-perfect eggs atop crispy toasted bread for a no-fuss meal any time of day.

Enjoy this vibrant, color-rich pasta plate, made with fresh vegetables and topped with nutty Parmesan cheese.

Boasting salty bacon and slices of tart apples, this gooey grilled cheese is not your typical sandwich.

This classic chicken salad recipe is bursting with crunchy walnuts and briney capers, and is tossed with a simple Dijon-mayonnaise dressing.

Originally posted on Friday, May 11th, 2012

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