Table For Two: A Guide To Staging The Perfect Lover’s Walk

Spring time, oh spring time, the chirping of the birds, the blooming of the flowers, the gentle seasonal breeze, it’s one giant ball of romance just waiting to happen. Spring is my favorite season to be in love.

I know, I know, it sounds cheesy, and I’ll admit, it kind of is…but those blue skies and balmy temperatures make my heart sing out. I’m like Will Ferrel in Elf, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it! And my favorite way to celebrate the exultations of my heart is by taking a long lovers’ walk through the neighborhood with my special someone. There is nothing like spending an entire afternoon or evening casually strolling, talking about everything and nothing, melting over the shared beauty that is the season, sharing in sappy feelings without necessarily acknowledging what is really going on.

A springtime stroll has magic powers, gals, especially if you take care to follow these simple steps that render you in control of the situation. Perfect for those of you in serious relationships or just getting back into the dating swing of things, this fool-proof guide to this simple (read: cheap!) date idea is sure to foster flying sparks galore. Enjoy!

**How to Stage The Perfect Lover’s Walk**

1. Know your route. This entails a little ahead-of-time preparation. First you must pick a neighborhood. Then  you must walk said neighborhood backwards and forwards, taking careful note of especially flower-filled streets, beautiful stoops, and potential vistas. I find carrying a notebook and pen essential to the drafting of the route to follow. The more detailed your notes, the more seamless the walk will be.

2. Pack snacks. Let’s face it, most guys do look for a partner who, to some degree, can take care of them. It never hurts to play up the mother card, especially when you’re just getting started. If you notice he is staring to drift, pull out a handful of treats (I recommend Chimes Peanut Butter Ginger Chews) for a little pick-me-up. He will be reminded of his childhood, the snacks his mother used to permanently have on hand, and the nostalgia will brighten the moment tenfold.

3. Have a handful of places in mind to grab a cool beverage. After an hour or so of pounding that pavement, you will both be a bit fatigued and in need of a cool refreshment. A nice iced coffee or fresh fruit juice or milkshake is just the ticket. Offer to pay; it’s your date after all.

4. Recommend a few parks or plazas from which to enjoy this drink. I love sipping casually on grandiose stoops or in public squares. You can watch the world around you as all the people move on by, taking pleasure in your \ shared relaxation. Plus the adorable children and puppies around you aide in the establishment of the mood!

5. Public bathrooms are a must during an afternoon or evening stroll. Know exactly where a few restrooms are and be prepared to redirect your route when nature calls.

6. Locate a secluded spot that you can casually stumble upon toward the end of the stroll. By this I mean, find a quiet street, a deserted (not dangerous) alley, or a under-trafficked park. A little alone time never hurt anyone, right? Make some kind of comment about how you have suddenly found yourselves all alone, and maybe add in a cute little giggle or a bat of the eyes. Old-fashioned flirting works! Fingers crossed, though you don’t need the extra luck, a kiss or two will ensue.

7. Have a dessert venue locked and loaded. Sexy make-out sessions work up an appetite. Follow that street-side romance with a shared banana split or chocolate chip cookie to sweeten the entire package.

8. End the walk with a sweeping vista. As you both look out across a sprawling exhibit of beauty you can’t help but think about the future and its limitless possibilities. If you’re brave, grab his hand and give a squeeze.

Originally posted on Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

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